Beats International

9 Dub Be Good to Me
4 Dub Be Good to Me (feat. Lindy)
7 Won't Talk About It

1 3 Foot Skank (Monitor mix)
2 Babies Makin' Babies (Stoop Rap)
1 Beats International Theme
2 Before I Grow Too Old
4 Blame It on the Bassline
3 Brand New Beat
2 Burundi Blues
3 Change Your Mind
2 Come Home
1 Dance to the Drumer's Beat
1 Dance to the Drummer's Beat
3 Dub Be Good to Me (feat. Lindy Layton)
1 Dub Be Good to Me (Norman Cook's Excursion in the Version)
1 Dub de Good to Me (feat. Lindy)
4 Echo Chamber
2 Eyes on the Prize
3 For Spacious Lies
2 For Spacious Lies (12" version)
3 Herman
6 In the Ghetto
1 In the Ghetto (Version One)
1 In the Ghetto (version Three)
1 In the Ghetto (version Two)
1 Invasion of Freestyle: Discuss (feat. RPM)
5 Invasion of the Estate Agents
1 Just Be Good to Me (a cappella) (feat. Lindy)
2 Love Is Green
1 No More Mr Nice Guy
1 No More Mr. Nice Guy
2 Ten Long Years
2 The Ragged Trousered Percussionists
7 The Sun Doesn't Shine
3 The Whole World's Down on Me
2 Three Foot Skank
6 Tribute to King Tubby
1 Won't Talk About It (remix)