Bobby Previte - Previte, Bobby

1 Acrobatic Dancers
1 Airstrip One
1 Anthem for Andrea
1 Awakening in the Early Morning
1 Ciphers and Constellations in Love with a Woman
1 Memory Hole
1 Morning Star
1 Nocturne
1 Oceania
1 On the 13th, the Ladder Brushed the Filament
1 People at Night, Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails
1 Sunrise
1 The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers
1 The Escape Ladder
1 The Inner Party
1 The Migratory Bird
1 The Ministry of Love
1 The Ministry of Truth
1 The Nightingale's Song at Midnight and Morning Rain
1 The Passage of the Divine Bird
1 The Poetess
1 The Rose Dusk Caresses the Sex of Women and of Birds
1 Toward the Rainbow
1 Versificator
1 Woman and Birds
1 Woman in the Night
1 Woman with Blonde Armpit Combing Her Hair by the Light of theStars
1 Women at the Border of a Lake Irradiated by the Passage of aSwan
1 Women Encircled by the Flight of a Bird
1 Women on the Beach
1 Wounded Personage