The Concretes Lady December

lady december my heart is all yours
it beats like a drum
I've never asked you
but do you wear loads, when it goes far below
you lay down your cloak of snow and it spreads all over
lend me you hand and I'll give you a rush of the heat
forgive n' forget, forgive n' forget.
mission maid sowing her seeds
working her way through the frost
this she said she does to bring some hope
for the oncoming season (what spring will bring)
she feeds me something that looks really old
but tastes brand new (sweet cherry wine)
in the back of my head I hear children
sing about forgive n' forget (forgive n' forget)
forgive n' forget, forgive n' forget.
when the gailwind blows, when the gailwind blows.
ladycember, ladycember, ladycember, ladycember