Aborted And Carnage Basked in Its Ebullience

Through arcane ages,
A self destructive pattern
War mongers and celestine fools
A plot wrought by tools.

Control mass delirium, manipulating the insecure
A tell tale of hypocrite redemption
Abusing the void and need for something that guides thee
Precarious evolution into a global war, they crave
In the eyes of beholder, insane...
Strap down the infidel of hate.

The essence of the beast revealed as rage
Control mass delirium, destroy which is inferior
Killing in the name of "God", so redundant
Savagert for mental slaves.

And carnage basked in its own wrought hell
Tempting fate with its wrist and razor
Meticulously slicing veins
The frailty of the human condition
With praise and guts leaders are torn
Spirituality has been forlorn
With guts and no glory millions are torn
Barbarism in the name of God.

Through arcane ages,
A self destructive pattern
Revel in bloodshed, for the delusions of a man
War mongers and Celestine pools
A plot wrought by toolsri.