Antigone Rising Better

Outside the madness come to me
Feelings are much higher underneath
I would crawl up inside you
know that I'll try to
lonely is only as lonely as we
we're only so lonely

I don't mind where you go while you're gone
You let me know if it's better
And I don't mind when you go why you're gone
and I'll leave you alone if it's better

You could stand on my shoulders for air to breathe
and I would bow to kiss the ground ‘cause
here is where I found you
and where I'd leave you

And brighter will find you
but don't let it blind you
you can't ask forgiveness for what you don't see
and what you don't see is that


And there are angels beside you
they keep and they guide you
but your eyes are just as sad as they can be
are you so sad like me?