Pato Banton All Drugs Out

All drugs out, all drugs out.
Without a shadow of a doubt we want all drugs out.

It might sound funny but this ain't a joke.
It's an all out attack against crack and coke.
L. S. D. and opium are in the same boat.
'Cause along with the heroin they're classified as dope.

Drugs pushers in every area.
Selling drugs on the street corner.
To the young even the toddler.
These people should be charged with murder.
P. A. T. O. that spells Pato.
Sniff sniff sniff. What?! Must be snow.
Any pushers in the show there's the door please go.
'Cause when it comes to drugs Pato Banton says no!

Its such a shame when people got a problem
and they think only drugs can solve them.
It would be cool if it stopped right there but then
it affects everyone even the children.
Drugs or drinks its the same situation
in every race that makes a population.
One person sees an attraction
then there's a chain reaction of addiction.
Next thing you know is every thing goes
in the veins down the throat or up the nose.
Some do it for kicks some do it for pose
but they all end up in the back row.
So stop look and listen again
'cause I am dearer than your brother or a best friend.
I'm your lyrical teacher the conscious preacher
and with this message word I'm gonna reach ya.
So don't let the system get you down
get up stand up put your feet firmly on the ground.
Be an individual not a part of the crowd
come on stand up proud and shout out loud.

I'm not a drinker not a smoker
and I don't sniff Coca Cola.
Unto Jah and only Jah I dedicate my heart and soul.
I let him lead the way and all I simply do is follow.
So I wont sell out for English pounds not even Yankee dollar.
I keep on trodding on and on along this narrow track.
And no matter if its rough or tough I wont be turning back.

No cigarette it will give you bad breath!
No strong drinks it will make your mouth stink!
No LSD it will drive you crazy!
No acid it will make you stupid!
No cocaine it will mash up your brain!
No touch de crack it will give you heart attack!
No heroin its a dangerous thing!
We want all drugs thrown in the dustbin!