Dwele A Pimp's Dream

[verse 1]
Is this is a dream?
Is my car this mean?
Am I imagining things?
Diamond in the back
Of my Cadillac
If this aint a fact (oh no)
Don't wait on me (oh no)
Who's this girl?
And who's this girl?
Together like plural (oh no, oh no)
Say you wanna ride with this super fly
How can I decline I can't (no way)
If this is dreaming I don't want to be
In reality, no I don't
I must be high on someone's on supply

Or am I pimping

La la la la la la la
Goes my system in my car
If my name is only you
I don't want your daily love
This is pimping living

(Singing with horns)

[verse 2]
These diamond rings
And platinum things,
I can't complain, Can I?
Where's my Armani suit?
And, where's my gator boots?
My girls used to call me cute
But, where's my girlfriend (don't know)
It was just a dream, and,
I aint got a thing
And my chain don't swing (no it don't)
I aint got no girl
My fade don't blend, I
I got 50 cents
With no residence
But I'm still pimping

Dwele: Ooooh look at that line
Guy 1: Damn, man I aint bout to stand in this dude
Guy 2: It's too long anyway
Dwele: For real
Guy 1: Aye man, that look like the girl from yesterday, dude

Security: you! You!...Not you
Guy 2: Lil Jamie how you doing..You alright, Woody?
Guy 3: I'll see you at the club, we'll be getting some after this
Guy 4: I'm trying to party dawg, man there's too many girls going up in the club, that's what's up
Dwele: Sup right here man, we good, yo what's up man you straight