MJ Hibbett & The Validators - Hibbett, MJ & Validators, The

1 (Insert Title Here)
1 [untitled]
1 Another Man's Laundry (Hanging on Your Line)
1 Another True Story
1 Baker's Dozen
1 BBC2 (A New Hope)
1 Before I Was Cool
3 Better Things to Do
3 Billy Jones Is Dead
1 Boom, Shake the Room
2 Born With the Century
1 Breaks in the Journey
1 Call the Lyric Police
1 Carol and the Mandolin
1 City Centres
1 Clare Grogan
1 Clean Girl
1 Clubbing in the Week
1 Dinky Doo
1 Dino at the Sands
1 Dino at the Sands (Slight Return)
3 Do The Indie Kid
2 Down the Narborough Road
4 Easily Impressed
1 Elmer, the Happy Little Bottle Opener
1 Everything's Turning Out All Right (Everything)
1 Falling for Trust
1 Family Wedding 2021
1 Fat Was a Feminist Issue
1 Friday 13
1 Fucking Hippy
1 Funky Machine
1 Girlfriend Alarmed
1 Give Us a Kiss (for Christmas)
1 Give Us a Kiss for Christmas
1 Good Cooking
1 Graffiti on the Cenotaph
1 Hanging Around
3 Hey Hey 16K
1 Hibbett's Golden Rules of Beer
2 Holdalls Is the New Name for Midland Mainline Lost Property
1 House of Fun
1 I Come From the Fens
1 I Did a Gig in New York
1 If You're Too Turned On
1 It Only Works Because You're Here
2 I've Got What You Need
1 Last Orders
3 Leave My Brother Alone
1 Leave My Brother Alone (Lamacq live version)
1 Let the Weird Band Win
1 Looking at My Hands
1 Love of My Arms
1 Make the World Go Blind
1 Maybe I'm Indecisive
1 Mental Judo
1 Missing the Misery
2 Mr Right
1 Music Of The Future #1
1 Music Of The Future #2
1 Music of the Future #3
1 Music of the Future #4
1 My Boss Was in an Indie Band Once
1 Never Going Back to Aldi's
1 Not Everything
1 Nothing in Common, Except, Maybe...
1 One Last Party
1 Other Bands' Setlists
1 Payday Is the Best Day
2 Post-Subsonic Bass
1 Praise the Traffic Warden
1 Professional, Competetent, Rocking and Tight
2 Programming Is a Poetry for Our Time
2 Quality of Life Enhancement Device
1 Red and White Sockets
1 Ring Your Mother
1 Rinky Dinky
2 Rock & Roll Mayhem
1 Say It With Words
1 Sod It, Let's Get Pissed
1 Stan
1 Stop, Look and Listen
2 Tell Me Something You Do Like
2 The Advent Calendar of FACT
1 The Back of the Sofa
1 The Black Hair and Glasses Brigade
1 The Drummer's Lament
1 The Fair Play Trophy (Again)
1 The Fight for History
4 The Gay Train
1 The Gay Train (Lamacq live version)
1 The Girl Who...
4 The Lesson of the Smiths
1 The Lesson of the Smiths (Lamacq live version)
1 The Lesson of the Smiths (radio edit)
1 The Merchant Ivory Punks
1 The Merchant Ivory Punks (demo)
1 The Only Thing
1 The Other Rush Hour
1 The Pebble and the Boulder
3 The Perfect Love Song
2 The Peterborough All-Saints' Wide Game Team (Group B)
1 The Primal Rhythms of the Bolivian Nose Flautist
1 The Same Page of the Map
1 The Saturday Lunchtime Wrestlers
2 The Symbol of Our Nation
1 Things'll Be Different (When I'm in Charge)
2 Things'll Be Different When I'm in Charge
1 Vicar in a Tutu
1 Walkman in My Head
3 We Only Ever Meet in Church
1 We Only Ever Meet in Church (acoustic version)
2 We'll See What We Can Do
1 Where Do All the Women Go To?
1 Where Is My Torch?
1 Why Hasn't Your Email Come In?
1 Wings of Fire
1 Work's All Right (If It's a Proper Job)
1 Would If I Could
1 You Will Be Hearing From My Solicitor