DJ Jean - Jean, DJ

8 Every Single Day
8 Feel It
8 Lift Me Up
5 Love Come Home
5 Sexy Lady
9 The Launch
9 The Launch (original mix)

1 Every Single Day (club mix)
1 Feel It (Greatest DJ remix)
1 Feel It (Main Atnthem mix)
1 I Want You
2 Launch
1 Launch (Ariel mix)
1 Let Yourself Go
1 Life Me Up (Barthez Uplifting remix)
1 Lift Me Up (Bartezz remix)
2 Lift Me Up (Barthezz remix)
1 Lift Me Up (Barthezz Uplifting remix edit)
3 Lift Me Up (Barthezz Uplifting remix)
2 Love Come Home (DJ Patricks mix)
2 Love Come Home (Klubbheads vs DJ Jean mix)
6 Love Come Home (Klubbheads vs. DJ Jean mix)
1 Love Come Home (radio edit)
1 Love Come Home (radio mix)
1 Love Come Home (Skygroove mix)
1 Love Come Home (vocal mix)
2 Madhouse
1 Madhouse (DJ Jean mix)
1 New Dutch Shuffle
1 Party Time
1 Play It Hard (club mix)
2 Play That Beat
8 Supersounds
1 Supersounds (radio edit)
1 The Launch (Da Techno Bohemian Phuture mix)
2 The Launch (DJ Disco mix)
1 The Launch (Prototype remix)
8 The Launch (radio edit)
2 The Launch (Rollercoaster's Pumped Up mix)
1 The Launch (Rollercoaster's Pumped Up mix-edit)
4 The Launch (Yomanda mix)
1 The Launch Relaunced (Johnny Crockett remix)
5 The Launch Relaunched
1 The Launch Relaunched (Steff Da Campo mix)
1 The Launch Relaunched (The Brothers Funk remix)
4 U Got My Love
1 U Got My Love (extended club mix)
1 U Got My Love (R.O.O.S. remix)