Faith Evans Love Like This

Now that we have come to be
A brand new life I can't see
Never thought you'd be a special part of me, no baby
The reasons are because of you
I can go on and make it through
I can't even take my mind off loving you
and I wanna say

I never knew there was a love like this before
Never had someone to show me a love
Love like this before

I know you can't see
all the things you mean to me
I'm so amazed that you are mine, yeah yeah yeah yah
if we can work together
maybe this could last forever
this is something that I wanna hold on to
so baby try to understand


baby try to understand
I'll go crazy if you leave
cause you compliment my style
(ooh ooh ooh)
and i like the way you walk
and the sexy things you talk
you don't know just what you do to me
you see I never

chorus (twice)


never knew a
never knew a
never knew a
love like this before

chorus till fade