People's Choice

9 Do It Any Way You Wanna
2 Do It Anyway You Wanna

1 Are You Shure
1 Big Hurt
2 Big Ladies Man
1 Boogie Down U.S.A.
3 Here We Go Again
1 I Like to Do It
2 I Likes to Do It
1 I'm Leaving You
1 Jam Jam
3 Jam Jam Jam (All Night Long)
1 Jam, Jam Jam (All Night long)
1 Jam, Jam, Jam (All Night Long)
1 Let Me Do My Thing
1 Micky D's
1 Nursery Rhymes
2 Party Is a Groovy Thing
3 Savin' My Lovin' for You
1 The Big Hurt
1 You Ought to Be Dancing