Babylon Circus Zatla tribe

Refrain : Refrain :
Zatla tribe is comin' downtown
Roots, rock 'n' reggae, big sound
Di Babylon Circus is comin' right thru
With an important message to you
Get your troubles away,
We got good news today
People get ready
We come to make ya skank, skank
And a chuck chuck chuck
We'll rock you 'til this morning
Until the sun comes rising

Heavy sound system
Comin' from the mountain
Hear dis lovely riddim,
Ya gonna feel like jumpin', jumpin'
Lose your sadness
And forget all your weakness
Come to sing along
Ya gonna feel so strong
Ya gonna feel better

Refrain Refrain

Smokin' sinsemilia
With my brother and my sister
Listening to reggae rocker
Singing 'round the corner
Say if ya don't know what to do,
Your life go better
Just remember your roots
Roots and culture (bis)
Making in a rub-a-dub style
Roots rock, reggae (bis)
Smokin' di ganja