The Gothic Archies - Gothic Archies, The

3 City of the Damned
2 Ever Falls the Twilight
5 In a Cave

1 A Million Mushrooms (from "The Grim Grotto")
3 Abandoned Castle of My Soul
1 Crows (from "The Vile Village")
2 Dreary, Dreary (from "The Miserable Mill")
1 Freakshow (from "The Carnivorous Carnival")
3 How Do You Slow This Thing Down? (from "The Slippery Slope")
1 In the Reptile Room (from "The Reptile Room")
3 It's Useless to Struggle
1 Scream and Run Away (from "The Bad Beginning")
1 Shipwrecked (from "The End")
1 Smile! No One Cares How You Feel (from "The Hostile Hospital")
1 Smile: No One Cares How You Feel
1 The Abandoned Castle of My Soul
1 The Dead Only Quickly
3 The Tiny Goat
2 The World Is a Very Scary Place (from "The Wide Window")
1 Things Are Not What They Appear (from "The Penultimate Peril")
1 This Abyss (from "The Ersatz Elevator")
1 Walking My Gargoyle (original song from "The Carnivorous Carnival")
1 We Are the Gothic Archies
2 When You Play the Violin (from "The Austere Academy")
2 Your Long White Fingers