P$C Do Ya Thang

[Intro Chorus]
Aye, Aye, Aye, do ya thang
Aye, do ya thang
Aye, do ya thang
Aye, Aye, do ya thang
Aye, Aye, Aye
[Repeat Intro Chorus]

Aye, AYE!

Fresh out the house
got the beat on suicide
as I ride up and down
Martin Luther King Drive (do ya thang)
standing tall looking down on the block
these boys snitching all day
I look around on the block

I'm in a silver SL
five pound on the block
ain't you ever seen a young player
clown in a drop? (do ya thang)

Ain't nothing to it "G"
game spit fluidly
groups of hos pursuing me
as if it's more than two of me

[ ]
Money my Chevy earns
and Tuesday it's ocean blue (damn)
twenty-eight set over you
Ferrari drops and Rovers, too (do ya thang)

Hos, set them out
TV's, I'm a flip them out
fifty bricks, that ain't shit
tell them niggaz ship them out

[ ]
I'm coming down shining Rose Gold
feeling like a mack pose
cadillac with five hos
make these suckers hate more (do y thang)

Damn right pimp
we do this every night
with the same big faces
make these lame hos bite

I got that top down
I got them tints down
I got them rims and I'm [unintelligible]
do ya thang (I'm doing it)
do ya thang (I'm doing it)
do ya thang (I'm doing it)
do ya thang (I'm doing it)


I'm in the hood
in a drop top Super Sport
mash let the horses holler
and the Porsches follow
niggaz on they porches holler (do ya thang)

They call me "Thunderbelt"
cut me down to something else
shawty something else
hot enough to make the summer melt

[ Drizzle]
Man, I got a fruit-loop Chevy
follow me on 24's
Lucky Charm Cutlass
green diamond, purple horse (do ya thang)

Like James Bond car
Drizzle is a porn star
the Spring we was green
summer Cutlasses are OnStar

[ ]
I got a curly head dirty red
broad eating lemonheads
leaning in the Lincoln
with a pump by her left leg (do ya thang)

looking in the tint
will get your left side bent
leave you laid out
at Lakewood by the lake bitch

[ ]
Candy coated rims
chop the streets until they rock up
muscle car straight bucket
look how it stands up (do ya thang)

Yeah mane the ride
look like a fruit drink
it make these hos thirsty
when they see the pineapple paint


Baby 'Laq green
drop coupes stack cream
earrings in my ear
look like a baby flat screen (do ya thang)

I'm doing it
my neckpiece green ice
bubbalicious purple
I'm a Grand Hustle King

[ ]
The super-cleanest on the scene
Italian leather match the polo boots
and the wood grain, Lame
I show you how to do the do (do ya thang)

Blowing fruit
same flavor as the candy gloss
in the backseat, got a freak
pulling her panties off

[ ]
Errrrr maybe anchor
on a Cuban link chain
diamonds stacked on top of diamonds
custom made pinky rings (do ya thang)

Fishing hats Polo shorts
with the Polo man
wearing blue and tan
in a blue and tan Avalanche

Jackers never had a chance
sat them in the ambulance
they hopped out the van
and start shooting like a cameraman (do ya thang)

Top down
hit the switch and let it drop down
passing by the Underground
they can hear me Underground


Do ya thang
Do ya thang
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