Paul Carrack Dedicated

I just wanna tell you
MY love is here to stay
Girl you know that's one thing that will never fade away
I'm dedicated to you

You know there is no need to run
There's no need to hide
Whatever comes between us baby
I will push aside
I'm dedicated to you

Well my heart's an open book
I don't care how long it takes for you to look
don't let me be underrated
I'm dedicated

There's no use denying
That you I've heard it all from me
I wish there was some way
I could make you see
I'm dedicated to you

How can I understand it
I don't even try
There's no need to question
Maybe that is why
I'm dedicated all to you

The longer it takes
The more I see
This is the way
It's supposed to be
Don't let me be underrated
I'm dedicated, yes I'm dedicated