The Dells - Dells, The

5 Always Together
7 Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation
9 Oh What a Night
7 Oh, What a Night
9 Stay in My Corner

1 (Every Time I Hold You) Heaven's Just a Step Away
1 (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher
4 A Heart Is a House for Love
1 A Whiter Shade of Pale
2 Ain't It a Shame
3 All About the Paper
1 All About the Paper (12" version)
1 All Your Goodies Are Gone
1 Betcha Never Been Loved (Like This Before)
1 Betcha Never Been Loved(Like This Before)
2 Close Your Eyes
1 Could It Be
1 Dance Dance Dance
1 Darling I Know
1 Does Anybody Know I'm Here?
1 Don't Trick Me, Treat Me
2 Dreams of Contentment
1 God Bless Those (Who Help Themselves)
1 Happy Song
1 Hey Sugar (Don't Get Serious)
1 How Can We Find the Love We Lost When We Don't Know How It Got Away
1 I Can Sing a Rainbow - Love Is Blue
3 I Can Sing a Rainbow / Love Is Blue
1 I Can Sing a Rainbow/Love Is Blue
3 I Can't Do Enough
1 I Can't Help Myself
3 I Miss You
2 I Touched a Dream
2 I Wish It Was Me You Loved
1 I Wished It Was Me You Loved
1 I'm Calling
1 Is It It
1 It Took a Woman Like You (To Make a Man Out of Me)
1 It's Not Unusual
1 Just a Little Love
1 Learning to Love You Was Easy
3 Long Lonely Nights
2 Look at Us Now
1 Love Is Blue, I Can Sing a Rainbow
3 Love Is So Simple
1 Make Sure
1 Make Sure (You Have Someone Who Loves You)
1 My Dreams
3 My Pretending Days Are Over
1 Nadine
2 Oh What a Nite
3 Oh, What a Day
1 Oh, What a Night (Cadet version)
1 Oh, What a Nite (Vee-Jay version)
5 O-O I Love You
4 Open Up My Heart (long version)
1 Our Love
1 Pain in My Heart
2 Passionate Breezes
1 Please Don't Change Me Now
2 Private Property
4 Run for Cover
1 Show Me
1 Since I Fell for You
2 Slow Motion
1 So You Are Love
1 Stay in My Corner (Cadet version)
1 Stay In My Corner (Chi-Sound Version)
1 Stay in My Corner (Vee-Jay version)
1 Super Woman
3 The (Bossa Nova) Bird
1 The Change You Go Through (For Love)
1 The Glory of Love
3 The Love We Had (Stays on My Mind)
2 The Love We Had (Strays on My Mind)
1 The Springer
1 The Springer (A.K.A. at the Bandstand)
4 There Is
2 Thinkin' About You
4 Time Makes You Change
1 Wasted Tears
2 We Got to Get Our Thing Together
4 Wear It on Our Face
1 Wear It on Your Face
1 Whatever Turns You On
1 When I'm in Your Arms
3 You Promised Me
1 Your Song
1 You're Still in My Heart