Andy Prieboy - Prieboy, Andy

1 All For Your Love Again
1 Big Rock Finish
1 Build A Better Garden
2 Cannot Not
2 Daddy Buy Baby a Boobjob
1 For Love
1 How Would I Know Love Now
1 Joliet
1 Loving the Highway Man
1 Man Talk
1 Maybe That's Not Her Head
1 Montezuma Was a Man of Faith
1 Nearer to Morning
1 On the Road Again
1 Psycho Ex
1 Robbing Her Own Room
1 Sins of My Fathers
1 That Was the Voice
1 The New York Debut of an L.A. Artist (Jazz Crowd)
1 To the Dogs
3 Tomorrow Wendy
1 When The Heart Awakes
1 When This Dream Is Over
1 Who Do You Think We're Coming For
1 Wine Red and TV Blue
1 You Don't Owe Me Anything