2 Fish Eyes feat.悠然 (Produced by GEBO)
1 Gebolution(Produced by GEBO)
1 Get On The Bus feat.MANI (Produced by taisa)
1 Intro(Produced by GEBO)
1 No Idea feat.ラプタ(Produced by GEBO)
1 Outro(Produced by GEBO)
1 Party Time(Produced by GEBO)
1 Put The Finger Up (Produced by ARCHITECT)
1 Skit(Produced by GEBO)
2 Special View feat.マリヲ(Produced by GEBO)
1 Step Like This feat.AFRA (Produced by AFRA)
1 Sunshine (Bonus Track) (Produced by AKIMI)
1 キツネの嫁入り(Produced by AKIMI)
1 ドントフォゲット初期衝動 (Produced by RUBYORLA)
1 リフレイン feat.COVO&naam'(Produced by EARMADDER)
1 名も無き花(Produced by AGASSI)
1 見える景色 feat.メテオ(Produced by GEBO)
1 連鎖 feat.溺死 (Produced by DJ TUTTLE )