Roger Daltrey One of the Boys


He speaks with a terrible stammer
So he don't have much to say

But he can spit further than any punk
So nobody gets in his way.

He knows his generation like he knows his ABC

He's a kind of kid that don't get invited back for a Sunday tea
He's a face in the mirror he'll make you a fight.

But he's alright.

He's breaking out of nowhere
He's breaking all the rules

He's got a passion for the fashion
He's freezing all the the cools

He knows that you don't have to be that good,

to be a real bad cat

guaranteed to show you where it's at
He's built with speed,

He's blowing all the speakers making his own noise.
One of the boys.

(Guitar solo)

Until the big boss said "that's enough"

You know he used to work in this factory

So he threw down his hammer and he picked up his coat

And he told the boss to get,

Fff-f-frustration with the nation
Because the news is always bad
Life on the dole ain't no good for your soul

It's enough to drive a poor kid mad

So who's going to put him down for making his own noise.

One of the boys.