Death by Stereo

6 Beyond the Blinders
2 Desperation Train
1 Don't Piss on My Neck and Tell Me It's Raining
4 Entombed We Collide
2 Forever and a Day
2 Good Morning America
5 Holding 60 Dollars on a Burning Bridge
3 Shh, It'll Be Our Little Secret
3 Sing Along With the Patriotic Punks
3 Sow the Seeds
4 Sticks and Bones
4 The Plague
5 These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
1 This Is Not the End
1 Turn the Page
4 Unstoppable
7 Wasted Words

1 1 Legged Man in an Ass Kicking Contest
1 91
2 A Day in the Sun
1 Anything Goes
1 Bet Against Me, You Lose
1 Binge/Purge
1 Bottled Up
1 Bread for the Dead
1 D.B.S.F.U.
1 Dance Party
1 Dead to Me
1 Death Conspiracy
2 Death for Life
1 Don't Believe Everything You Think
1 Emo Holocaust
1 Fear of a Brown Planet
2 Flag Day
2 Fooled by Your Smile
1 For All My Friends (The Unity)
1 Forget Regret
2 Getting It Off My Chest
2 High School Was Like Boot Camp for a Desk Job
1 Home of the Brave
1 I Give My Life
1 I Got Your Back
1 I Sing for You
2 I Wouldn't Piss in Your Ear If Your Brain Was on Fire
4 Intro
3 Let Down and Alone
1 Little Fighter
1 Little Fighter (White Lion)
3 Lookin' Out For #1
1 Looking Out For #1
1 Middle Fingers
1 No Cuts, No Buts, No Coconuts
1 No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts
2 No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts (live)
1 No Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation
1 No Shirts, No Shoes, No Salvation
2 Nosotros Controlamos Todo
1 Opening Destruction
1 Porno, Sex, Drugs, Lies, Money, and Your Local Government
1 Shh... This Will Be Our Little Secret
1 Testosterone Makes the World Go 'Round
1 The Ballad of Sid Dynamite
1 The Last Song
2 The Plague (Live)
1 This Curse of Days
1 W.W.J.D.
1 Wake the Dead
2 Wake Up, You're Dead
1 We Sing Today for a Better Tomorrow
1 Welcome to the Party
2 What I Can't Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell or See Can't Hurt Me
1 Who Should Die? You Should Die
2 You Can Lead a Man to Reason, but You Can't Make Him Think
1 You Mess With One Bean, You Mess With the Whole Burrito
3 You're a Bullshit Salesman With a Mouthful of Samples