Amen Corner

9 (If Paradise Is) Half as Nice
7 Bend Me Shape Me
8 Bend Me, Shape Me
4 Gin House Blues
8 Hello Susie
8 Hello Suzie
8 If Paradise Is Half as Nice

1 (If Paradise) Is Half as Nice
2 At Last I've Found Someone To Love
2 Expressway to Your Heart
1 Gin House
1 Hey Hey Girl
4 High in the Sky
1 High in the Sky (live)
1 Lady Riga
1 Mr. Nonchalant
3 Our Love (Is in the Pocket)
1 Proud Mary
1 Run Run Run
1 Scream And Scream Again
2 The World of Broken Hearts
1 Things Ain't What They Used To Be
1 Welcome To The Club