Chasing Victory

2 First Steps to Recovery
1 Pre-Empty Nest Syndrome
1 Speak Easy
1 The Night Your Guardian Fell Asleep
2 The Real Version of You

1 A Taste of Your Own Medicine
1 Ascension and Escape
1 Barbarians (Crackle Rotcha Tee Thout)
1 Brides (The Groom of St. Albany)
1 Carnies (Rapture Raptors)
1 Chemicals (King of the Carp)
1 Come Between Everything
1 Crackle Rotcha Tee Thout
1 Doctor Jekyll/Stephen Hyde
1 Fiends (Selling Out Ain't Easy)
1 G.O.B. Vs Tony Wonder
1 Is This What You Want?
1 Janus (Doctor Jekyll/Stephen Hyde)
1 Jesus Freak
1 Journal Entry
1 King of the Carp
1 Kings (Miaminions)
1 Miaminions
2 Oceans Away
1 Oceans Away the Sequel
1 Queens (The Skeleton Key to a Skeleton)
1 Rapture Raptors
1 Selling Out Ain't Easy
1 Step Into the Light
2 Suspects, Alibis and Partners in Crime
1 The Groom of St. Albany
1 The Killer Is Me
1 The Skeleton Key to a Skeleton
2 Unrequited Love
1 Violent and Armed
1 Wolves (G.O.B. vs Tony Wonder)
1 Zombies (Oceans Away the Sequel)