Anvil Mothra

In a small town outside of destiny The legend lives on yet it lives free That night the mountains glowed with fiery rage From the darkness of hell out she came Comin' to get you!! You can't escape You're gonna die, you wonder why??!! Might wings beat out thunderous gusts of wind Megatron eyes explode in the skies, it begins! Talons like razors are shredding your bones to pieces Is this a dream or is God's telling you it's over? Mothra, Mothra, Mothra Buildings are falling, black death is above you You can't run there's nowhere to go Rubble and stone block your path You can't escape from it's wrath Hot flashes burst, melting down civilization Leaving destruction and desolation You're still alive but your luck is running out It's not a dream God's told you it's over It's over!!! What can we do? A creature of the night Are we through? Will this be our plight Please save us. please What did we wrong to you? This holocaust is killing all of us I've sent this beast to purify your kind And for your world leave no life behind Conquest complete, Mothra is nesting Population for future infesting Purification yes it's been achieved For eternity Mothra reigns supreme