Anvil Future Wars

A place afar in distant dreams Mystic winds blow Men mount birds of prey to war And raid each others shore Wizards and Warlocks battle by night One survives by cunning and might Take what you can by sword and sabre Just reward for perilous labour Stands among them a natural King A man of barbaric breed In a blade of steel he lays his trust Killing and taking his needs Upon him the scars of battles gone by From many who have gazed in his murderous eye Astride his mount he cursed and then Assembled his men in thousands and ten Onward lads we'll kill them all Victory is ours We'll have their heads and female slaves Soon to loot their towers Riding hard they rushed the gates And scaled the granite walls Through boiling oil and falling stone His men endured it all In bloody streets the battle raged Brave men died and women were caged Amidst the hoard, a barbaric roar He gut the guard and kicked down the door Sword in one hand, torch in the other Alert every step of the way If legends be true this place is cursed Demons stand guard night and day Living hell cloaked in black Three ungodly hosts Upon the dais a ball of light Which binds them to their post Faster than a striking cobra Hit the altar and knocked it over Shattered in a silver shower The priests of hell have lost their power Up the stairs a golden door The queen awaits within Her naked body close to his The prize is won again And has she yields to his force His mind drifts off to Future Wars