Fatman Scoop

9 Be Faithful
5 Be Faithful (feat. Crooklyn Clan)
3 Be Faithful (feat. Crooklyn Clan) (dirty version)
5 Be Faithful (feat. the Crooklyn Clan)
1 Be Faithful (feat. The Crooklyn Clan) (Kuta remix)
2 Be Faithfull (feat. the Crooklyn Clan) (Highpass Vocal remix)

1 All Night Long (feat. DJ Skribble & Danny P)
1 Be Faithful (album version)
2 Be Faithful (dirty version)
1 Be Faithful (feat. Crooklyn Clan) (Highpass FM remix)
1 Be Faithful (feat. Crooklyn Clan) (Highpass vocal remix)
2 Be Faithful (feat. Crooklyn Cran)
2 Be Faithful (feat. Faith Evans)
1 Be Faithful (feat. the Crooklyn Clan) (dirty version)
1 Be Faithful (Highpass vocal remix)
1 Club Banga 2004
1 Coca Cola Shape (remix) (feat. Sasha)
1 Crowded (feat. Jeannie Ortega)
1 Def Jam 2000
1 Drop (feat. Timbaland & Maggo)
2 Get Your Dance On (feat. Bayie)
1 Hand Up...
1 Hands Up...
2 Handz Up
1 I'm in Love With You (feat. Razah)
1 It Takes Scoop
7 It Takes Scoop (feat. The Crooklyn Clan)
1 It Takes Two
3 It Takes Two (feat. DJ Kool)
2 Jump and Spread Out (Cheeky Star and Precise version)
1 Let's Get Rowdy
2 Let's Ride (feat. Chingy)
3 Lose Control (feat. Missy Elliott & Ciara)
2 Set It Off (feat. Ying Yang Twins)
1 Sex U Up (feat. Liq)
1 Soul on Fire (remix) (feat. KMC, Beenie Man & D-Lyfe)
1 U Sexy Girl (feat. Elephant Man & Jabba)
1 Where Ya At