Deadsoul Tribe Some Sane Advice

Hey man where you going to?
Mind if I'm heading with you?
I'd say but it isn't clear
Only that it could be far from here
So walk with me

Hey man, while we're passing through
Mind if I confided in you?
Can't stand the grappling hands
Clawing away at everything they can
Holding on to a ludicrous plan
A day in the life of a modern man
And where do we go from here

Sane advise is all I'm hoping to find
Sane advise is all that I'm hoping to find

Hey man, in the civil life
Everybody's scared
And hanging on to broken promises
The whole damn thing is coming unwound
Isn't it disillusioning
Every day the same old thing
And only closer to the bitter end
Searching for something to never be found

Am I mistaken
On the path I have taken
Am I forsaken
Will the world re-awaken
Old man illusion
Pardon my intrusion
This mad confusion here
I don't understand
Can you make it clear

Hey man, is it over then
Think that I'm headed back again