Danielson Two Sitting Ducks

Till the end of the me
I'm gonna make you my priority
This coming holiday
I'm gonna make you my prioritay
Love the things you buy
I'm gonna make you my prioritie
Mark down this decree
I'm gonna make you my priority

But it's killin' me

When you're falling down the stairs
Oh I'll be there
Dripping through your feeding tubes
your food I'll chew

You can count on me

You can count me out
I am outta here
Bye bye my dear
See me disappear

Oh I can't stick around
Cause I'm on the move with oh so much to do
So much to prove
That I'm gone

Don't follow me down
There's work to be done
There's wars to be won
Plus conquering's fun
So I'm gone

I'm cuttin' the cord
And I'm splittin' the board
I got nothing to lose
Except these old shoes
So I'm gone

Birds of the air what is it like to roam in the night?

Restlessness sets on this sitting duck's nest egg
With promises melting and flooding this room
Failing to see if this sinking ship should sail
While gasping for air in your pool of perfume

I'm laying the law
You're taking me over
These days of bend-overing-backwards is done
And I'm gone

Why you still here
You should let go
Hey you eaves droppers should forever know
That I'm gone

Folks in the fair
What is it like to roam in the night?

You need to go
Stop tracing my steps
There is ugliness here
And you deserve better
Be gone

I am so thirsty
Chaos is all spinning
My whirlwind of sob stories
Sweet routine where have you gone

I'm gone

Two forgetful
Forgiving folks
Tear down the walls
Thee walls
In us
Us all

So So So
We We Weave
Our hands as one

We're gone