Raul Midón I Would Do Anything

Elijah rode in from heaven,
Just to see a matinee
Every moment brought a miracle
Like the day he walked my way

He said “I walked right out of paradise
Just to find peace of mind.”
He said, “I don’t regret a minute of it
Cause I’m having a good time.”

Then he came to me and whispered
In my ear “I would do anything,
I would do anything…”

An angel came down from heaven
Just to feel a rainy day,
Every raindrop brought such joy and pain
Like the day she walked my way.

Well she wrapped her arms around me
And spoke so tenderly
Just long as you are willing she said
It’s not hard to be free.

Then she turned to leave she whispered
In my ear, “I would do anything,
I would do anything…”