The Arrogant Sons of Bitches Royale Fuck Deluxe

As I look at the moon, my eyes are closed.
You have gone so soon, like the moon.
You know what I miss? The old you.
You're a cold hearted-fool.
You swore to me that things were still cool. How untrue.
The cards have been dealt and my hand doesn't exactly rule.
As I looked at the sky, I was glad I didn't cry.
Love-- thrown away.
I'm happy that you are undauntedly mistreating me.
Look at my life you can't honestly say that I could
and it would be better for us both.
So what now I feel sick?
I was right, did I have to be so cruel, like the moon.
Hiding away as the sun shows the pain in the world.
Now my heart has been broke and you're the one crying.
Is this some sick joke?
Maybe next time someone dicks in your crotch you'll pray that he chokes.
Months-- thrown away.
You pissed on my trust and that's always the way that I'll see you and me.
And as it stands now that's the way that it always will be.
So we're done and in the end it wasn't all real fun.
You're the one who ended up not being the one.
and as time passes by, its stands ever still and I just can't figure out why.
Heartsick disease.
You hand-cooked me royally fucked with tomato and cheese.
I'm at ease, cause I don't care now.
Have fun the choice isn't me.
Good-bye again
as I tell myself over and over that's we'll still be friends, but I know
It won't be the same in the end.
Have fun in your life without me.
I know that I don't care about you.