Deutschland sucht den Superstar We Have a Dream

Daniel L. We believe the dream comes true,
everything you tried to do
Deutschland it wasn't easy all the time

Stephanie We never felt like this before
Sucht but we love it more and more

Daniel K. Every day and every night
Andrea We had joy and we had pain
come on let us start again
Vanessa Music is what we're living for

(Alexander) We have a dream, music is our life
We (Nektarios) We have a hope, music will survive
(Judith) We'll take the chance, we had it all
Have (Gracia) We feel like heroes, we're standing tall

Juliette We all had the greatest time, hearts will
Dream beat an we feel fine, may I dream my dream with you?
Nektarios Oh I, I was sometimes so alone, couldn't
make it on my own
Songtext But my friends, they're helping me

Gracia We cried tears and we have fun
Lyrics and we're singing our song

Judith Music is what we're living for
(Daniel L.) We have a dream, music is our life
Liedertexte (Nektarios) We have a hope
(Judith) Music will survive
(Gracia) We'll take our chance
Liedertext (Daniel K.) We had it all, we feel like heroes
(Alecander) We're standing tall
Alle We're standing tall, standing tall, standing tall

2x Chorus...

(Nektarios) We have a hope
(Daniel L.) We have a dream