Cephalic Carnage Paralyzed by Fear

It amazes me
the crazy ways people have died
The time you have to react
is so crucial to your survival
Freezing in shock is why people die
Can't control the inner reaction
as to what the mind sends
Paralyzed by fear you cannot move
and wound up dead
Like when you die in your sleep
from someone killing you
An intruder breaking into a house
pulls a knife on you
Slicing off your breast,
Proceeds to rape
For a second you could have escaped,
but paralyzed by fear, scared...
he kills you
A man in the woods
stumbles onto a grizzly bear
Because he was scared
Ends up mauled instead
A cop yells out "FREEZE!" to a man
who tries to escape
Ends up dead from bullet wounds...
Could have escaped the train
coming for you
But you were paralyzed by fear
Have a nice death!