Schoolyard Heroes

2 All the Pretty Corpses
1 All-You-Can-Eat Cancer
1 Attack of the Puppet People
2 Battlestar Anorexia
2 Beautiful Woman Hunter
1 Blood-Spattered Sundress
1 Body Shots
1 Boyfriend
1 Bury the Tooth of the Hydra and a Skeleton Army Will Arise
2 Cemetery Girls
1 Centaur: Half-Man Half-Motorcycle
2 Children of the Night
1 Contra
1 Curse of the Werewolf
1 Dawn of the Dead
2 Dude, Where's My Skin?
1 Funeral Parlour Tricks
1 Michael Dudakoff: American Ninja
1 Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
1 Nothing Cleanses Quite Like Fire
1 Panic in the Year Zero
2 Razorblade Kisses
1 Screaming "Theater" in a Crowded Fire
1 Serial Killers Know How to Party
1 Sincerely Yours, Jonathan Harker
2 Sometimes They Come Back
1 The Girl Who Was Born Without a Face
2 The Klaw
2 The Last Man on Earth
2 The Mechanical Man vs. the Robot From the Outer Limits
2 The Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame
1 They Live
2 Violence Is All the Rage