Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe

7 Birthright
6 Brother of Mine
4 The Meeting

1 After the Storm
5 And You and I
1 Axis of Love
6 Benjamin Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
1 Big Love
1 Brother of Mine (long edit)
4 Brother of Mine: I. The Big Dream, II. Nothing Can Come Between Us, III. Long Lost Brother of Mine
1 Bruford Solo
4 Close to the Edge
2 Fist of Fire
1 God With a Southern Accent
4 Gone but Not Forgotten / Catherine Parr / Merlin the Magician
3 Heart of the Sunrise
1 Instrumental I
1 I've Seen All Good People
3 Let's Pretend
7 Long Distance Runaround
1 Mood for a Day
3 Order of the Universe
1 Order of the Universe (album version)
1 Order of the Universe (long edit)
1 Order of the Universe (short edit)
2 Order of the Universe: I. Order Theme, II. Rock Gives Courage, III. It's So Hard to Grow, IV. The Universe
1 Picasso
1 Quartet: I. I Wanna Learn, II. She Gives Me Love, III. Who Was the First, IV. I'm Alive
4 Roundabout
1 Santa Barbara
1 Starship Trooper
1 Tall Buildings
2 Teakbois
1 The Clap
4 The Clap / Mood for a Day
5 Themes: I. Sound, II. Second Attention, III. Soul Warrior
1 Themes: Sound / Second Attention / Soul Warrior
3 Themes: Sound, Second Attention, Soul Warrior
7 Time and a Word / Owner of a Lonely Heart / Teakbois
1 Touch Me Heaven
1 Vultures in the City
1 Wakeman Solo
1 Without a Doubt