Gnarkill Skeletor/Beastman!

whos that, now get out of here
you fool get the fuck out
uhh huh you ready?
you goddamn better believe it
then take your drawers off and work your legs
open your ass up like a keg
let me tap it, I must have it ooh
furry fool you are mine
ill drink your ass like wine
and when semen pours all over your head
you know you must be dead
skeletor i know you groove and shake it so damn good
and when you come on though my hood ill give you a piece of wood
you furry fool I know and i will not disagree
but theres one thing we dont like and starts with He
man, oh no i dont know which way to run or turn
dont worry skeletor your pants on fire my cock will burn
my cocks on fire for more know skeletor
yes, my head is so damn thick like yours
no brain inside, just a lot of fucking fur
and if i rip it off you'd find a boy and call him her right?
no skeletor thats not what i would do
i would bend you over and shoot chocolate your asshole
let me lie, let me tell the truth
now who are you? i dont know
lets break it true, now
shake your ass come on beastman, shake your furry fur off
i cant its made of fur, bitch well then whack me off
grab your hairy palms, hairy hairy indeed
there hairy as fuck, rake some leaves
aww whatever you need
now im drunk, we'll be in jail, but ill rape you master
it never fails
hes always got my ass on his mind and its so in fact
and when he waxes me, he waxes all night long and that is that
now beastman, beastman what do you know about taking off your clothes?
your just a slut from down below in castle greyskull
aww skeletor i shave my legs for you tonight
and if you see my cock i hope you go and bite
skeletor you made me do some coke
im up all night and its no joke
furry fool breakdance, take off your furry pants
take off your high heels and put them in your ass
now somebody is tip toeing and someone just came in
and someones pretty fat, beastmans pretty thin
ive got aids, beastman aids, and ill spread it into every good boy and girl today
watch me give you cumstains in your fucking drawers
beastman watch your mouth we dont need that language anymore
come on skeletor dont you want to see me work it now
beastman show them how your gonna get my ass and plow
now stick your cock inside like rake yohn fucking said
that faggot fuckin douche bag only knows how to give head
two men in bed his face is getting red
ahhhh listen everything i fucking said
beastman do you know how