Celtic Frost This Island Earth

So I send an SOS . Semaphore myself . Catch me falling finally . Through the air and underground . Everywhere this sound . Screams whisper "I can’t breathe" . I feel it in my bones . Though I know I’m not alone . You’re spinning far too far from me . So cruel to be so kind . Now I know I’ll always find . This island earth . A mystery . As I stumble through the dark . Dream lovers dream apart . Starry eyed a vision rushes in . Do I wonder or care . My spirit’s bleeding God knows where . A never ending stream . I tried to love, tried to find . My soul in shadows running blind . restless as the sea . Via sidewalks through the haze . Wandering as in a maze . Lost in number time and space . So near and yet so far . Castaway as strangers are . This island earth . And you and me