4 Abbey of Synn
4 Act I "The Dawning": Eyes of Time: a) Eyes of Time - b) Brainwaves
3 Act I "The Dawning": The Banishment: a) A New Dawn - b) The Gathering - c) The Accusation - d) The Banishment - e) Oblivion
3 Act II "King Arthur's Court": Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy
1 Act III "Visual Echoes": Waracle
4 Actual Fantasy
4 Back on Planet Earth
5 Beyond the Last Horizon
3 Chaos
4 Computer Eyes
4 Dawn of a Million Souls
3 Day Eight: School
4 Day Eleven: Love
3 Day Five: Voices
5 Day Four: Mystery
4 Day Fourteen: Pride
2 Day One: Vigil
5 Day Seven: Hope
3 Day Six: Childhood
4 Day Sixteen: Loser
3 Day Ten: Memories
5 Day Thirteen: Sign
4 Day Three: Pain
5 Day Twelve: Trauma
3 Day Twenty: Confrontation
5 Day Two: Isolation
1 Dreamtime
4 Evil Devolution
7 Eyes of Time
3 Farside of the World
6 Forevermore
8 Into the Black Hole
4 Journey on the Waves of Time
1 Merlin's Will
7 My House on Mars
5 Nature's Dance
5 Out of the White Hole
1 Sail Away to Avalon
7 Temple of the Cat
3 The Charm of the Seer
4 The Dawn of Man
2 The Dream Sequencer
2 The First Man on Earth
5 The Stranger From Within
4 To the Solar System
7 Valley of the Queens
1 Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy

1 "Forever" of the Stars
2 [untitled]
2 2084
3 Across the Rainbow Bridge
2 Act I "The Dawning": The Awareness: a) Premonition - b) Dreamtime (Words Become a Song) - c) The Awakening
1 Act II "King Arthur's Court": Nature's Dance
3 Act II "King Arthur's Court": Sail Away to Avalon
1 Act III "Visual Echoes": Computer-Reign (Game Over)
1 Act III "Visual Echoes": Listen to the Waves
1 Act III "Visual Echoes": Magic Ride
1 Act IV "Merlin's Will and Ayreons Fate": a) Ayreon's Fate - b) Merlin's Prophecy - c) Epilogue
1 Act IV "Merlin's Will and Ayreons Fate": Ayreon's Fate: a) Ayreon's Fate - b) Merlin's Prophecy - c) Epilogue
3 Act IV "Merlin's Will and Ayreons Fate": Merlin's Will
1 Act IV "Merlin's Will and Ayreons Fate": Swan Song
3 Act IV "Merlin's Will and Ayreons Fate": The Charm of the Seer
2 Age of Shadows (edit)
1 Age of Shadows (including We Are Forever)
1 Amazing Flight
3 Amazing Flight: A) Amazing Flight in Space - B) Stardance - C) Flying Colours
1 And the Druids Turn to Stone
1 And the Druids Turned to Stone
2 Another Time, Another Space
1 August Fire
1 Back 2 Me (Joost van den Broek Pimpin' remix)
1 Beneath the Waves: a) Beneath the Waves / b) Face the Facts / c) But a Memory... / d) World Without Walls / e) Reality Bleeds
1 Carpe Diem (Chaos)
2 Carried by the Wind
2 Comatose
2 Come Back to Me
1 Connect the Dots
2 Cosmic Fusion: A) I Soar on the Breeze - B) Death's Grunt - C) The Passing of an Eagle
1 Day Eight: School (instrumental version)
2 Day Eighteen: Realization
1 Day Eleven: Love (radio edit)
1 Day Fifteen: Betrayal
2 Day Nine: Playground
1 Day Nineteen: Disclosure
1 Day Seven: Hope (instrumental version)
2 Day Seventeen: Accident?
1 Day Six: Childhood (Piano version)
1 Dragon on the Sea
2 E=mc²
1 E=mc² (acoustic live version)
1 Elected
1 Epilogue: The Memory Remains
1 How You Gonna See Me Now? (acoustic version)
3 Into the Black Hole (acoustic live version)
1 Isis and Osiris
2 Isis and Osiris: A) Let the Journey Begin - B) The Hall of Isis and Osiris - C) Strange Constellations - D) Reprise
1 Liquid Eternity
1 Listen to the Waves
1 Loser
1 Loser (demo version)
2 Loser (Star One version)
1 Newborn Race: a) The Incentive / b) The Vision / c) The Procedure / d) Another Life / e) Newborn Race / f) The Conclusion
1 No Quarter
1 One Small Step
1 Original Hippie's Amazing Trip
1 Prologue
2 Prologue: a) The Time Telepathy Experiment - b) Overture - c) Ayreon's Quest
3 Ride the Comet
1 River of Time
2 Sail Away to Avalon (radio edit)
1 Sail Away to Avalon (single version)
1 Space Oddity
1 Stranger From Within (Utrecht Record Fair demo)
1 Temple of the Cat (single version)
1 Temple of the Cat (Vocals Lana Lane)
2 The Accusation
1 The Awareness
3 The Caste Hall (acoustic version)
3 The Castle Hall
2 The Charm of the Seer / [untitled]
2 The Decision Tree (We're Alive)
2 The Dream Sequencer Reprise
1 The Fifth Extinction
2 The Fifth Extinction: a) Glimmer of Hope - b) World of Tomorrow Dreams - c) Collision Course - d) From the Ashes - e) Glimmer of Hope (reprise)
1 The Garden of Emotions
2 The Garden of Emotions: A) In the Garden of Emotions - B) Voices in the Sky - C) The Aggression Factor
1 The Mirror Maze
2 The Mirror Maze: A) Inside the Mirror Maze - B) Through the Mirror
3 The New Migrator
3 The Shooting Company of Captain Frans B. Cocq
1 The Sixth Extinction
1 The Sixth Extinction: a) Echoes on the Wind - b) Radioactive Grave - c) 2085 - d) To the Planet of Red - e) Spirit on the Wind - f) Complete the Circle
1 The Stranger From Within (single version)
1 The Truth Is in Here
3 The Two Gates
1 The Two Gates (Utrecht Record Fair demo)
2 Through the Worm Hole
3 Through the Wormhole
1 Time Beyond Time
3 To the Quasar
3 Tower of Hope
2 Tunnel of Light
1 Unnatural Selection
2 Waking Dreams
2 Waracle
2 Web of Lies
2 Welcome to the New Dimension
2 When I'm Sixty-Four