Headlights TV

You couldn't wake up
on the morning and try
to feel so good
that you didnt realise
and there are things they're like
to stop me from crying
in your bed at night
they stop me from crying

I couldnt take up
more space in my mind
there's a back door it isn't easy to find
Because of a call from self indulgence
we don't need our war
to prove that we're selfish

so can you tell me
that you feel this fame
when you stare at the faces
full with so much shame

or is it you're too high
to tell us the part
so you can live your life
and keep up your lying

i can not stand to watch the TV
liars and the killers keep staring at me
and the boys and the girls
of the town are afraid
they go up to destroy
everything that they see