Across the Border Children of the Valley

Years ago we were born in the valley of our fathers
we grew up with the trees,
where strong winds used to blow
oh, sing this song with us children of this valley' o
we went to school to learn this life
and what we need to survive
that "Lenin, Marx and Co." is our biggest foe
sing this song with us children of this valley' o

We all had dreams for our way,
we tried to reach for the stars
big train driver, deep sea diver,
pretty girls, expensive cars
at fifteen we must decide what to do
our whole life long
I was too small for the police
"what a shame", don't get me wrong
so I sold clothes in a suit to rich people,
those were the days
but three years later I said "goodbye"
I was oloking for new ways
...for new ways

One friend of mine went to Berlin
to change the world and paint the wall
maybe this was the cause, maybe more,
for the wall to fall
with this money gone, had too much fun,
he sold his body to the industry
they gave him money, gave him drugs,
they took his dream to be free
that was the last I've ever heard of him
maybe all were just lies
but when I'm served in his parents shop,
I just see sadness in their eyes their eyes.