Neverending White Lights

1 A Little Piece (feat. Marco DiFelice)
1 Age of Consent (feat. Nick Hexum)
2 Angels & Saints (feat. Chris Gordon)
1 Ending of a Story (feat. Chris Gray)
1 From What I Once Was (feat. Daniel Victor)
1 How Could I Survive (feat. Sharky Laguana)
1 I Hope Your Heart Runs Empty (feat. Scott Anderson)
1 Liar (feat. Raine Maida)
2 Life Is a Dead Scene (feat. Todd Kerns)
2 Of All the Things You've Done Wrong (feat. Nath Larson & Jason Martin)
1 Our Final Hymn (feat. Jimmy Gnecco)
1 Return Our Lives (feat. Judah Nagler)
3 The Grace (feat. Dallas Green)
1 This Longing (feat. Daniel Greaves)
1 Tired of Saving Souls (feat. John Campsey)

1 Always
1 Black Is the Colour of My True Love's Heart (feat. Lexi Valentine)
1 Bleeds to an End
1 Change Your Mind
2 Distance (feat. Aqualung)
1 Dove Coloured Sky (feat. Jimmy Gnecco)
2 First Day of Spring (feat. Matt Talbot)
1 Last of the Great Lovers (feat. Sune Rose Wagner)
1 Miss World
1 My Life Without Me (feat. Mat Joly)
1 Nothing I Can Save
1 The Living (feat. Coury Palermo)
1 The Warning (feat. Jonathan Bates)
1 The World Is Darker (feat. Auf der Maur)
1 Theme From the Blood and the Life Eternal
1 Warding Off the Spirits (feat. Hawksley Workman)
1 Where We Are (feat. Rob Dickinson)