Emanuel The New Violence

Live from the vacant lot. Everything that you dread.
We are the broken teeth amassing in your head.
This is the new violence. We want more.
Cry if you’re feeling faint. Yeah yeah.
We’ll bring the cameras in its time to carve you out.
Bang, bang motherfucker yeah.
So while you sleep at night.
We will crawl inside and eat you alive.
You host the parasite, we'll hold your televised suicide.
We’re gonna find you tonight.
We’ve got the bright lights.
You’ll be a star.
So get the bullets all right.
And pull the trigger.
What is there left to lose? Why are you holding back?
Your fifteen minutes will be over in a flash.
The leeches are at your throat. We want blood.
Lie if you’re feeling faint.
We’ll tie you up and down and drain your life away.
We want blood.
Who are you?
You’re no one.