Emanuel The Hey Man!

Listen up, motherfuckers, this is that new unheard of unspoken
so if you're down then get down
and if you're not then get the fuck out!

Yeah with guns still smoking!
We're taking off the masks, that we all wear!
There's bloodstains on the dancefloor and it's dripping from the lips of another jealous mouth.
Hey man! You better watch, better listen in.
Oh yeah? You got her taking home this record to fuck.
Hey man! You ask me now if I want it all. Right now!
This is the sound that sparks the fire.
Live tonight for liars.
Alive tonight to say, that I am.
I am the voice inside your head, and you give yourself away.
I see you getting high in the alley!
"What if you do? I'll hold one for you."
You walked up and you kicked in a dent.
"Not with these boots you'd recognize the prints."
You showed up and you ruined my party!
"It's not true. What is it to you? Its everything and nothing I do."
Hey brother put your best shoes on.
Hey brother it's your, it's your come up and,
Hey brother grow your hair out long.
Tell your sister she's a... Bitch!