Kem Miss You

Yesterday I missed you sad
And today I miss you bad baby
I miss that violet dress you wear
It matched the ribbons in yo' hair
Girl there are no words or phrases
To express the depth of my longing for you tonight
I miss your embrace and I wanna tell you about it
As you read these lines may you find my heart in every word
'Cause I miss you
Girl I write these words
From my lips to your heart
Hope they find you well
Hope they find you
Like my kiss to your face
Like my scent in the air
May they drift through your mind
Like my fingertips through your hair
I miss you [adlib]
I miss you [adlib]
Hope you find your way
From New York to L.A.
May the winds of life
Bring you home
You're my hometown pride
You are my day you are my night
You're my hero my refuge
Girl I miss you
Miss your care I miss your laugh
Miss each magical moment we have
Miss you here I miss you gone
Miss the pleasure of driving you home
Miss you near I miss you far
Miss the sweetness of life in your arms
Miss you all the time your gone
Don't you know that I miss you girl
I miss yo' love every day your away baby
Think about cha' in my sleep
I miss you every day of the week baby
Miss that fabulous love that we make
Miss my hands on yo' back girl
Miss my lips on yo' cheek baby
Ooh girl won't cha' bring yo' sweet self home right now
Girl I'm thinkin' bout the way that we play baby
Girl I miss you everyday your away baby
I try to sing and dance for love oh but I ooh girl
Want to sit around and romance in yo' love baby
Girl know that I miss yo' love baby
Miss you baby
Girl know that I miss you
Missin' yo' love [adlib out]