Duke Special

2 Brixton Leaves
6 Freewheel
4 Last Night I Nearly Died
2 No Cover Up
3 Portrait
1 Slip of a Girl
3 Wake Up Scarlett

1 ...Genie Lamp...
1 ...Oak Tree....
2 As Good as It Gets
1 Ballad of a Broken Man
1 Catfish Song
3 Closer to the Start
1 Country Weekend
1 Diggin' an Early Grave (live Metropolis session)
2 Don't Breathe
1 Double or Nothing
1 Drink to Me Only
2 Everybody Wants a Little Something
1 Feet in the Sky
1 Freewheel (Jew Street Version)
1 Hearth and Home
1 I Let You Down
3 I Let You Down (Like a Tonne Weight)
1 I Let You Down (Like a Tonne Weight) (Baron Karl de Drais de Sauerbrun Mix)
2 John Lennon Love
1 Jumping Jacks
2 Kill Me Quickly Please
1 Last Night I Nearly Died (but I Woke Up Just in Time)
3 Love Is a Series of Scars
2 Low
1 Mister Nobody
1 Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
1 Old Folks and Cow Pokes
1 Our Love Goes Deeper Than This
1 Overture
3 Regarding the Moonlight in Eastbourne
3 Salvation Tambourine
2 Some Things Make Your Soul Feel Clean
2 Something Might Happen
1 Song of Fraternization
1 Soundtrack to 'The Company of Olympian Bird Gods'
1 Stumble and Fall
1 Sweet, Sweet Kisses
1 Tango Tangle
1 The Prop Man
1 The Teller's Tale
2 This Could Be My Last Day
1 Those Proverbs We Made in the Winter Must End
1 Wake Up Scarlet
1 Wanda Darling of the Jockey Club
1 Worst at the Best of Times
2 You Don't Slow Me Down
1 You'll Be Detective
1 Your Vandal