Lucky Boys Confusion Beware

Cut the engine when I'm all revved up
Pull the rug beneath my feet
Pull the trigger when I'm all wound up
Then you turn your back on me
Then you say that I'm talking too much
but I'm just talking to my self
And whether you like it or not you'll never ask for help

Breathing for you
Can't be all in my head
Changing scares you
This is all in your head
Beware I swear I will be waiting there (2x)

Draw the battlelines and back me down
to the corner with such ease
Turn the knife til I'm so worked up
all I do is aim to please
The power balance is now upside down
with a sudden change of gears
Every single word is now washed up
with your crocodile tears



The setting sun crumbles in the distance
Feeble words meeting new resistance
Tired games, do they make a difference
Tired games, tired games

Beware I swear I will be waiting there (4x)