4 Boom Bang a Bang
8 Boom Bang-A-Bang
9 I'm a Tiger
4 Independence (Brothers in Rhythm mix)
4 Oh Me Oh My (I'm a Fool for You Baby)
9 Shout
4 Take Your Mama for a Ride
9 The Boat That I Row
9 The Man Who Sold the World
9 The Man With the Golden Gun
9 To Sir With Love

2 [untitled]
1 After the Feeling Is Gone (feat. The Dixie Flyers)
1 Back at One (feat. Westlife)
1 Bang-a-Bang
2 Best of Both Worlds
1 Boom Bang
4 Boy
1 Boy Meets Girl
2 Day Tripper
2 Dirty Old Man
1 Don't Take Love for Granted
1 Dreary Nights and Days
1 Everybody's Got to Clap
1 Feelin' Alright
1 Go Now
1 He's Sure the Boy I Love
1 Hum a Song (feat. The Dixie Flyers)
1 Hurt Me So Bad
1 I Can't Turn You Loose
1 I Could Never Miss You
1 I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)
1 I Don't Wanna Fight
1 I Thank You
1 I'll Come Running
1 I'm Back for More (feat. Bobby Womack)
2 Independence
1 Independence (Brothers in Rhythmn mix)
1 Indepenence (Brothers in Rhythm mix)
1 Inside Thing (feat. Paul Mccartney)
2 Leave a Little Love
3 Let's Pretend
1 Love Loves to Love
1 Love Love's to Love
3 Love Loves to Love Love
1 Man Who Sold the World
1 Me The Peaceful Heart
3 Me, the Peaceful Heart
2 Morning Dew
1 My Boy Lollipop
1 Now That the Magic Has Gone (feat. Joe Cocker)
1 Oh Me Oh My
1 Phunk Phoolin (feat. Kerphunk)
1 Reunited (feat. Cliff Richard)
1 Run Rudolph Run
1 Sad Memories
1 Sail on Sailor (feat. Sting)
1 Shame Shame Shame (feat. Atomic Kitten)
2 She Will Break Your Heart
1 Shout (feat. The Luvvers)
1 Stealing My Love From Me
1 Take me in Your Arms and Love me
1 Take Your Mama for a Ride, Part 1
1 Teardrops (feat. Elton)
1 The Boat I Row
1 The Man With the Golden Gun (The Man With the Golden Gun)
1 The Prayer (feat. Russell Watson)
2 To Love Somebody
1 To Sir With Love (feat. Samantha Mumba)
3 Try to Understand
2 Watch That Man
1 We've Got Tonight (feat. Ronan Keating)
2 Where the Poor Boys Dance
1 Where the Poor Boys Dance (Almighty mix)
1 With You I'm Born Again (feat. Marti Pellow)
1 Without Him
1 You Send Me