3 Backstage Pass
2 Car Bomb
1 Christianity Is Stupid
5 Endscape
1 Freedom's Waiting
4 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (1991 a cappella mix)

1 "Clutch Cargo '81"
1 #1 Rep
1 (More) Weatherman vs. The Monkees, HOME CLEANING FOCUS CORNER, etc.
1 (Still More) Weatherman vs. The Monkees, Casual Talk
9 [untitled]
3 1
2 10
2 11
2 12
2 13
2 14
4 15
2 16
2 17
4 18
1 180-G: 'A Big 10-8 Place' Part Two
1 19
2 2
2 20
2 3
1 39. Crosley Bendix Discusses the Copyright Act
3 4
2 5
1 6
2 7
1 8
1 9
2 A Bee Fly
1 'A Big 10-8 Place' Part One
1 A Most Successful Formula
1 A Nice Place to Live
1 A Nickel per Fish Sandwich
1 A Place in Time to Put Time in It's Place, Do You Have a Job?, Das Vedanya, Mertz, Credits, So What Was I Looking For?
2 A Presidental Campaign Shortwave Broadcast by C. Elliot Friday
1 A Rash of Rabid Skunks
1 A Special Opening
1 A Thrilling Choice, Dayle Embree Testifies
1 A Unique Cultural Simulcast, Cublax Guidelines, Dicke Diamond Grabs the Gusto, Russian National Anthem, Take Me Out to the Ballgame
1 Acting Silly, Chewing Up ShaNaNa, etc.
2 Ads and Smiles, Hey You-Buy This!, Innovation, Shilling for Attention
1 Ain't No Baby
2 All She Called About
2 Almost Lost It There
2 Aluminum or Glass: The Memo
1 Americo-Soviet Free Market Osmosis, Mertz, Intercontinental Phone Mess
1 An Actual Attack
1 Announcement
1 Arbory Hill
1 Ask Pastor Dick, Muriel's Purse Fund, Bible Quiz
1 Auto Trivia: Cool Cars, Cheaper Cheese, Limousines of Pope Paul VII, etc
1 Barnacle Bill and Final Comments
1 Basketball Plant
3 Bite Back
1 Body English
1 Born to Loose
1 By Truck
1 C. Eliot Friday's Presidential Campaign Shortwave Broadcast (Live from Howland Island)
1 Cats, In Between Frequencies, etc.
1 Cherry
1 Chevy Innovation and JamJamJam
1 Chicken Diction
1 Christianity and the Cults, Joseph Smith, Brainwashing at the Cuckoo Club
1 Cityman
1 Clowns and Ballerinas
1 Clowns and Ballerinas (unreleased version)
1 Comb Music
1 Copying Is a Criminal Act (live)
1 Crosley Bendix Discusses the U.S. Copyright Act
1 Crosley Bendix Reviews JamArt and Cultural Jamming
1 Crumpled Farm
1 Dance (1988)
3 Dear Mary
1 Deliberate Sabotage (live)
1 Digital Fantasy Man
1 Domestic Art (1987)
1 Don't Fool Me
1 Don't Stop Doin' It
1 Downloading
1 Dreams About Fire, Mr. Dirt, White Clouds in the Sky and The End
1 Drink It Up
1 Drunk at Last, A Date With Ham, Etc.
1 Electricity (1987)
2 Escape from Noise
1 Executive Window, Memo to Friday, Memo From the Future, Dickie Diamond and the Media Shifter
1 Extra Sharp Pencils
1 Favorite Things
1 Fear (1986)
1 Forty-three Fuck You's, Sign Off and the News
1 Four Fingers
1 Fruitcakes, Suka-Brand Coffee, Power Failure, Citizens Band Parakeet, etc.
1 Fuck You, Tough Darts, Jingle Bells, etc.
1 Gimme the Mermaid
2 God Bull
1 Happy Hero
3 Happy Hero: The Remedia Megamix
1 Happy the Harmonica
1 Harry to the Ferry
1 Hell Car
3 Helter Stupid
1 Ho-Ho-Ho, No More Recordings, Easy-Off, etc.
2 Hot & Ready
1 How Long Have You Been Waiting for U2?
2 Humanitarian Effort
1 Hyper Real
2 I Am God
1 I Believe It's L
1 I Don't Want Anything in the Toilet
1 I Love My B.I.B.L.E., More Bible Quiz, The Weatherman Clears It Up
1 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (edited special edit radio mix)
1 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (live a cappella)
3 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (special edit radio mix)
1 I'm Gonna Sing Now
1 I'm the Vegetable, Wired Up House, Steamin' Mad at Dirt, etc.
1 Influential You
1 Introduction
1 Introduction, First Club Soda, Toads, etc.
1 Introduction, JamJamJam, A Little History, Jam This Guy, An Interview with W6DR, Jamming the "Sports Line", Am I On?, Three Year Olds on the Air, etc.
2 It Ain't Legit
1 It Fell in Port Costa, Rototiller Mix, Bottlebrush Bushes, etc
1 It's Not a Critique
1 Jack Pastrami (Flower Bum)
1 Jolly Green Giant
2 Keep Rollin'
1 Keep Your Evenings Free
1 Kind of Grumpy
1 Lick the Crack
1 Long Distance Dedication #1 (live)
1 Long Distance Dedication #2 (live)
1 Lookin' Out for #1
1 Lying on the Grass
1 Men's Continental Faith Breakfast Incorporated, Your First Day in Heaven, More Bible Quiz
1 Mertz #1
2 Mertz #2
1 Mertz End
1 Mertz, a Force of Nature, Hard and Soft Thinking, the Good Life, Cars
1 Methods of Torture
2 Michael Jackson
1 Moldy Bagels
1 Moments to Remember, Raining Hard, etc.
2 Mommy?
1 Movies (1987)
1 Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song
1 New Is Old
1 No Business
1 No Business Again
1 No Hands
1 Now
1 Numbers (1985)
2 O.J. And His Personal Trainer Kill Ron and Nicole
1 Old Is New
1 Ominipotent Struggle
1 One Bar of Soap, Rubles, Mertz, It's as If We Never Left Home, Negativ Thoughts, Nuts-Oh Nuts!, You Will Be Rearranged
1 One More for the Rodeo
2 One of Them
1 Only a Sample
1 Only You Can Rock Me
1 Our National Anthem
1 Oven Noises
1 Over the Edge 12/31/89 (excerpts)
2 Over the Hiccups
1 Pack It Up
1 Passage to the 4th Dimension, Memo to Howland, Calling Radio Moscow
1 Penis and Sperm
1 Perfect Little Cookies
1 Phone-In Singalong, Song List, What the World Needs Now, Tammy,Drug Free, Transient Peaks, etc
2 Piece a Pie
1 Pip Digs Pep
1 Please Don't Sue Us
1 Potty Air
1 Progress (1984)
1 Prologue
1 Pump Gag
1 Pure Full Stereo Rototiller and So Long
2 Quiet Please
1 Rancho Pancho
1 Receptacle Programming, Fear of Freeways Mix, Defend the Fuel, Total Asshole, etc
1 Richard Nixon Died Today
2 Russian Factoids, Natural Woman, Toilet Paper
1 Scolding Box
1 Seat Bee Sate
2 Sex Dirt
1 Shake Your Pants #1
1 Shake Your Pants #2
1 Snuggles
1 Squant (1993)
1 Steak on a Whim
1 Stir the Stumps: Answer Man, Hitler's Staff Car, Chappaquiddick, Transient Peaks, Carnuba Wax, etc
2 Stockholders' Meeting (feat. Crosley Bendix) / Insects in Your Pop Bottle / An Abrupt Ending
1 Stress in Marriage
1 Style (1989)
1 Sycamore
1 Technology (1987)
1 That Darn Keet
1 The Answer Is...
1 The Black Hole Tube
2 The Black Lady of Espionage (live)
2 The Bottom Line
1 The Clorox Cowboy (The Other One)
1 The Drive Line: World's Most Beloved & Exhalted Status Symbol, Metallic Root Beer, Lada, etc
1 The Greatest Taste Around
3 The Gun and The Bible
2 The Perfect Cut (11 Minutes)
3 The Perfect Cut (48 Hours)
1 The Perfect Cut (Canned Music)
2 The Perfect Cut (Good as Gold)
1 The Perfect Cut (Piece of Meat)
1 The Perfect Cut (Rooty Poops)
1 The Perfect Cut (White Rabbit and a Dog Named Gidget)
2 The Piddle Diddle Report: A Future Confronting the Past Which Is Our Future, Last Call From Howland Island, Eaten by a Black Hole, Returned to Your Rightful Channel
1 The Piddle Diddle Report: After the Rain, Let's Take a Few Calls, Photos of Mrs. Gorbachev, Computercoup, Atom Spy
2 The Piddle Diddle Report: Human Values, Where Is Friday?, a Call From Howland Island and the President
1 The Piddle Diddle Report: Sandamanians, Transinfiltration, Nothing Is Too Wonderful to Be True
1 The Piddle Diddle Report: Sergio Caracus, Frankenstein Meets Cyclops, What Was on the Island?, Who Was on the Island?, Agoraphobia
2 The Piddle Diddle Report: Strike It Rich, This Fabled Island, Cary Grant Tapes a Ghost
1 The Piddle Diddle Report: What's to Come, the Quantum Edge, Fiber Optics, Experimental Sharpness
2 The Playboy Channel
1 The Smile You Can't Hide
3 The Way of It
1 The Worst Programming Ever, Mind Jamming, A Report by Rex Everything, etc.
1 Theme from 'A Big 10-8 Place'
1 Then
1 This Disco's Out of Sight, A Lot About Mucus, Sammy the Whammy,A Prayer to O.T.E., LIFE'S Unanswered Questions, No Other Possibility, etc.
3 Time Zones
1 Toilet Noises, Lumpy Gravy, etc.
1 Too Much Spurt
1 Truck Stop Drip Drop
1 Truth in Advertising
1 Two Light Bulbs Flickering
1 Two or Three People Listening, You Motherfucking Son of a Sack of Piece of Shit, Attempts to Jam and The End
1 U2: Special Edit Radio Mix
1 View to the Sun
1 Virginia's Trip
2 Voice Inside My Head
1 Wake Up America (live)
1 Walking and Driving and Hiking to the Picnic, Introduction to the Show, Parade of Condiments
1 We are Driven
1 Weather Reports, WEATHER HOT LINE
1 When They Ring the Golden Bells
1 Whisper a Prayer
1 Why Is This Commercial
1 Why Is This Commercial?
2 Yellow Black and Rectangular
1 You Don't Even Live Here
2 You Must Respect Copyright
1 Your Skin Is Gelatin