Cockney Rejects Bad Man

so you you tell me why you always let me down
and you you tell me why you give me the run-around
there's no answer for half the things that you've done
so just you remember that i'll always owe you one
you're a badman

one day you'll realise just wot you've done to me
and one day you'll realise wot you've done to your family
yeah you've gotta, gotta be the worse player in the league
everyone they know that you never buy a round
you're a badman

you treat your mother as bad as bad could be
you even pay your deadly debts out of the gas money
you ain't got much ball control, your own biggest fan
so just you remember you're a dirty no good bad man
you're a badman,
you're a badman

go on pinch your old man's money go on
dont turn out for the football, you're a badman
leave your bird on her own, never tell her anything
never give her no money to buy either, you're a badman
your dirty. your no good, you're a rotter
and we all know that, you're a badman
you're a badman