The Outfield Say It Isn't So

J. Spinks

You got me all screwed up
So much I can't turn 'round
and I've been running about with some funny girls
I'm not so tough,
but if you let me down (I'll tell ya)
I'd give you just one day to explain
I'd like to know if there's somebody else in this game

Say it isn't so, tell me I'm the only one
Say it isn't so, without you I can't go on
How was I to know, if you keep me guessing I don't understand

I can't sleep at night
I keep on dreaming you're gone
I'm staring into a space that was filled by your face
Facing the day,
a face in the crowd
I'm sure I saw you just a moment ago
There must be something you don't want me to know

Say it isn't so, you got the magic touch
Say it isn't so, the one that I need so much
Say it isn't so, how was I to know
If you keep me guessing I don't understand

There's something wrong, suspicion's getting stronger
Don't know if I can stand this pain much longer
You play around but I see right through you

It's lonely on the streets when it's just one a.m.
See a lot of pretty girls passing by
I'm walking in the midnight sun once again,
and now I know why love is so blind,
cos when you're out of my sight,
I'm out of your mind,


Say it isn't so
Say it isn't so
Say it isn't so
Say it isn't so