All Star United Welcome to Our Big Rock Show

Five guys take a ride
Drive a day and half a night
Get to see some pretty scenery
But if that's all there is to this
This band would split right down to the seams
Southbound, static on the radio
We left town
But where we're goin' I don't know
Somewhere we're gonna play
another show
Quick get off and gas up at the Conoco
We're driving
We drive against the grain
Like postmen in the rain
Welcome to our big rock show
Wind us up and watch this puppy go
Hope you heard a single word we said
One little rock to rattle in your head
Hey kid, pit mosh
Please avoid the flashpot
Yeah, it's really funny 'til an eyebrow
gets singed off
Your mother's got nothing here to fear or dread
Our abrasive is gentle on a baby's skin head
Don't forget the spandex
This mix is sounding like a bad train wreck
It takes some spit and grit and sweat
To give you more than you expect
We're driven
To give you what we know
Like postmen through the show
Got a cryptic coder
On the microphone
Find the secret message
Buried in our big rock show