Ancient Wisdom

1 A Acroodzi de a Galvah
2 A Hymn to the Northern Empire
1 A Ravens Reflection of the Ancient Northland
1 And the Physical Shape of Light Bled
1 And to the Depths They Descended
1 Arphe de a Londoh de Ialpor Salbrox
1 As Snow Covers the Northland
1 As the Morningstar Shineth
1 As the Stone of Ancient Wisdom
1 As the Twelve Legions of Angels Died
1 At the Other Side
1 Cometh Doom, Cometh Death
1 Forest of Summoned Spirits
1 In the Land of the Crimson Moon
1 In the Profane Domain of the Frostbeast
1 Interludium - The Fall of Man
1 Invocation of the World Destroyers
1 No Tears at His Funeral
1 Of Darkness Spawned Into Eternity
1 Postludium - His Creation Reversed
1 Powerslave
1 Preludium - Lucifer, Aieth Gadol Leolam
1 Procreation Denied
1 Retaliation of the Rebellious
1 Spiritual Forces of Evil in the Heavenly Realms
1 Sulphurfields
1 The Awakening of the Ancient Serpent
1 The Calling of Nocturnal Demons
1 The Journey of the Ancients
1 The Serpent's Blessing
1 The Serpents Sleep Is Not Eternal
1 The Sleep Within
1 The Spell
1 They Gather Where Snow Falls Forever
1 Through Rivers of the Eternal Blackness
1 Through the Mist of Dusk They Arose and Clad the Sky With Fire
1 Universal Annihilation
1 With His Triumph Came Fire